day 3K88: Prehabbing

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”


We all know that once we get hurt or get in trouble and want to get better that we enter a period of rehabbing.  The times that I have been physically messed up (bad knees and I continue to run) and had to go to prescribed rehabilitation have been no fun.  It always seems that too little happens fast enough.  It’s the downside of course of too much or too fast, which is what ends us up in rehab.  In the workplace we don’t call it rehab, but it’s the same.  Someone gets sidelined for a period as they do what is necessary to regain the confidence of management and their coworkers.  Work rehab is as painful as physical rehabbing.  But, there is a better way and that is to “Prehab”.  Prehabbing has us doing all of the exercises and preparation, but ahead of the exertion so that when we go all out we won’t hurt ourselves and we will be ready for what comes at us.  How many of us are willing to slow down, stretch ourselves and work out the kinks beforehand?  It takes the same patience and discipline as rehab, but in a much better way and more positive mindset because when we are done, we are better and ready.

Jesus told His Disciples that He was going to prepare a place for them and for all of us.  But, before He did that He lived out 33 years and ministered for three of those years in a manner that has left behind instructions and modeling of how we are to live our own lives.  Today, we apply those lessons to how we work, treat others and live out our faith.  It may be that God is “Prehabbing” us for the eternity He wants us to spend with Him.  I get excited when I think of what is to come and it makes me want to daily be sure that I too am prepared for the place that is waiting for me.  If Jesus is preparing, then so can we!

Reference: John 14:2 (King James Version)