day 3K26: Positive Control

“Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.”

At one time train conductors had to keep the throttle pushed down actively with positive control for the train to continue to move forward.  That was so if they fell asleep or had a problem the throttle would pull back and the engine would slow.  Recently, that has not been enough so new regulations have it that, like many cars once the throttle is released the train is going to break.  That seems like a long overdue solution.  My Tesla does that when I take my foot off the gas pedal and if I have the car in auto-pilot and I don’t keep my hand on the wheel with slight pressure it will disengage and even not reengage until I stop and start the car for a new trip.  These are the things that have to happen to conform to human nature.  Even Microsoft is going this route.  Someone in the Product or Engineering team must have gotten fed up with people mistakenly being on mute during their Teams Video Conference calls as they are implementing a positive control to speak.  It’s like talking into a walkie-talkie when you have to depress the talk button to be heard.  So, get ready to soon have to hit one or more buttons to be heard.  I just hope its not the combination of CRTL+ALT+DEL. 🙂

It’s not easy to have positive control in our lives, but we must strive to do so if we are to live out our lives as God has challenged us to do.  Our Faith walk can easily be distracted within our work as we are surrounded by those things and people who do not share the same values and approach that we are taking.  So, we must constantly keep a positive effort in place that keeps us where we have less chance of coming off the tracks.  We do that through the daily refreshing of God’s Word and also surrounding ourselves with others who check in on us to be sure that we are maintaining and growing.  Today, let’s ask ourselves how is our positive control for Him being put into practice?

Reference: James 1:19 (New Living Translation)