day 3K20: Trigger Words

“The crowd listened until Paul said that word. Then they all began to shout, “Away with such a fellow! He isn’t fit to live!”

How is it that one word can make such a difference?  If there was ever a time in my lifetime that people trigger off of words that they are listening for as if it tells them all they need to know about another person, it is now.  Think about the words that might be the trigger for you?  In business, we also listen for certain words to understand a company’s culture, the leadership style of the CEO, the value placed on employees, etc.  It would be smart for each of us to have our own list of words that we are looking for as well as be cognizant of the words we use as someone else is certainly istening to us too.

Paul didn’t mince words and he likely knew the trigger words before he spoke them.  As believers, each day we are faced with moments where we get to choose between the words that we use, or that we don’t.  There are many trigger words that can cause someone to turn negative to us, or catch us up on our witness as a believer.  And just as so, there are trigger words that can lighten up a conversation, create calm and peace, even have someone ask us more about ourselves and what we believe.  Those trigger words do really matter.  Let’s choose wisely and obediently.

Reference:  Acts 22:22 (New Living Translation)