day 3K45: More Than A Name

“But I will reveal my name to my people, and they will come to know its power.”

When choosing a company, brand or product name it’s not just coming up with something and then hoping it will work.  There’s more to it it than that.  Consider this that I read, “People perceive brand names with the voiced consonants B, D, G, Z and V to be harsh, and names with the voiceless consonants F, K, P, S and T to be soft and mild”.  I never thought about it that way but now that I know this it makes total sense.  As the article pointed out, there is “Black and Decker and there is Sephora.”  ‘Nuff said.

There is only one name in all of the world that carries both power, might, conquering and rule, at the same time carries grace, mercy, forgiveness, faith, hope and love.  That is the name of Jesus.  And if you wonder about that, say His name out loud, right now, wherever you are and see what you feel.  It’s all there and more, in His name.

Have a great weekend!

Reference: Isaiah 52:6 (New Living Translation)