day 2987: 1% Gain

“Give us this day our daily bread”

1% gain doesn’t seem like much at all.  That is, until you start adding up all those 1%s and see very large improvement.  This article from the Harvard Business Review is about how the British Olympic Bike Team won their gold medals by focusing on marginal gain.  My favorite quote: “Perhaps the most powerful benefit is that it creates a contagious enthusiasm. Everyone starts looking for ways to improve.”  Maybe why we aren’t seeing breakthrough improvement is because we haven’t started with 1% improvement first.

Daily offerings. Daily manna. Our daily bread. Take up your cross daily.  A day is made up of 1,440 minutes.  1% is about 14.5 minutes a day.  Think about the gains God might want to make in our lives with just 1% more of us given to Him daily.  Just 1% more doesn’t seem like much, does it?

Reference: Matthew 6:11 (New Living Translation)