day 2973: “Come Now, Let’s Argue This Out”

“Come now, let’s argue this out, says the Lord”

Most people don’t like to argue.  I know that I don’t.  There are some who do love to argue and they find it almost like sport to stir things up.  But, over time they either mellow or they end up with less friends and less friendly co-workers than they desire.  For the rest of us, arguing seems wrong and counter productive.  That is, until you consider the damage that can be done by holding emotions and resentment in that festers and is never resolved. There is a way to argue something out to come to a resolution so that we can move on positively from there.  I’ll argue that it’s better to clear the air than let the air remain stale and polluted.  Many great books have been written on conflict resolution and how to get to a win-win situation. Having one as a reference guide to assist through times of argument is a good idea.

God had just about had it with Judah and the people of Jerusalem.  He was laying down the law with them and didn’t see any response.  But, before He called it quits, He gave them another chance.  He said, “Let’s argue this out.”  But, He didn’t want to argue for the sake of arguing, He wanted to argue it out to give His people another opportunity to understand, repent and allow Him to work in their lives.  It’s a great lesson for us.  If we are going to argue it out with someone, let it be because we want the best for them and we will forgive and move on because we all are better afterwards.  Our God is a Win-Win God, if we will only let Him be!  We can’t argue with that!

Reference: Isaiah 1:18 (New Living Translation)