day 2980: Day By Day

“But those who wait on the Lord will find new strength.”

You know by now if you read PwK regularly, that I love a good plan that is actionable and can be followed.  But, I know that when we hear someone encourage us to put together a plan that it can feel daunting and sometimes demotivating because a good plan is really hard to construct.  So, sometimes the plan has to be only tomorrow first and then the next day after that.  Day by day won’t suffice in the long run, but it can get us at least a walking start on the bigger and longer plan.

When we don’t know the full plan in front of us and we are worn out trying to make it day by day then let’s not forget that God has got this for us.  He gives us strength in time of waiting.  We all need to wait on God more and give Him His time to reveal what tomorrow will bring.  Day by Day with God works.

Reference:  Isaiah 40:31 (New Living Translation)