Special Weekend Edition: Creativity in Captivity

Happy Saturday!

While in this pandemic “captivity” we’ve seen the emergence of so many creative ideas across a wide spectrum of productivity to fun.  What is it about time and confinement that opens up channels of our mind that just won’t happen otherwise?  Those who are paid to be creative have long sought for solitude and days, week, months to create but for the most of us we are not afforded that opportunity.  But, we have just experienced eleven weeks of such and what have we learned that is possible?

God has many things to say about creativity and He gives us accounts and lessons about what can happen when we feel captive in our lives.

Tomorrow night, Sunday (May 16 @ 6pm PST), I will be hosting a special one-hour online Live CornerstoneSF “Tightrope Talks” exploring the topic.

We’ll be diving into this idea of “Creativity in Captivity” and how it relates to our work and lives.

Our special guests have a unique perspective and CornerstoneSF lead Pastor, Terry Brisbane will set a Biblical foundation from which we will build from.

This is our first online live Tightrope Talks and the idea, format and presentation was born out of needing to be creative while being captive in shelter-in-place.

Come join us to live it out on Sunday night!

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Register: cornerstonesf.churchcenter.com/registrations/

Tune In: facebook.com/events/5411467