day 2807: Postpartum Blues

“No power in the sky above or in the earth below—indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Yesterday, Patti went golfing.  So?  Well, since March the 13th, the two of us have not been out of the house, apart from each other, for any longer than the time to go to the grocery store (most of the times going together) or to go out for a walk or a run.  But yesterday, she left just after 8am and didn’t come home until noon.  Theo, our French Bulldog, kept looking around for her and quite honestly, I did too.  It made me wonder if we aren’t all going to go through some form of “postpartum blues” of separation when we head back to work or back out into our own patterns leaving others behind or them also out on their own again leaving us behind.  We have to do it, of course, but as we accept our employees and co-workers back into the workplace let’s be sensitive and considerate that they/we might all be going through our own blues.

I can’t imagine the loss that the Disciples felt when Jesus was taken from them.  They must have felt like God had abandoned them on so many levels.  Faced with uncertainty on what to do next, likely holed up together in fear of what might happen to them next and mourning the loss of the One who they thought was going to be their King. What we experience in loss and separation is so little compared to this, but we can learn from their experience.  They moved forward.  It was not easy, but they found their own personal ways and each of them went back into the world to continue to follow Jesus and share His message. We are soon going to get our own opportunity to go back into the world and what will we take with us as the message we want to share?

Reference:  Romans 8:39 (New Living Translation)