day 2813: Side Conversations

“And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near.”

The conversations that happen after a meeting occurs when either walking back to our workspace or hanging back for a moment after the meeting, can be called “side conversations”.  In a lot of cases that side conversation can turn into the negative, the cynical or even go as far as finding a way to undermine what was talked about in the meeting.  That is bad and shouldn’t happen, but it does.  The other side conversation that can happen is good.  Those are the ones that give us validation and reinforcement of what was achieved.  Those short but important words are what can keep us positive and motivated to keep going. We are missing those right now as we do business online.  We all just leave the online calls abruptly and we are left wondering, “How did that really go?” A follow up call, text or email can help, but it’s still not the same as seeing the body language and getting the feedback in real time.  If we are on the side of participating with others maybe we are to be the ones to reach back out and give that virtual pat on the back in lieu of being able to have the side conversations.

We are to be encouraging to others.  It’s part of being kind, which is a fruit of the holy spirit.  So, if we are to think about how we can bring our faith to work and are looking for practical examples, then look no further than being encouraging to others.  And in this time when it is harder and harder to have these moments to naturally give validation and encouragement, we can go the extra mile and work a little harder at being the encouraging one(s) on the team.

Reference: Hebrews 10:25 (New Living Translation)

Also, I’m excited to be hosting this Sunday night’s Online Live CornerstoneSF “Tightrope Talks”.

We’ll be exploring “Creativity in Captivity”, which we can all likely relate to right now.

Would love to have you join in!


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