day 2650: Strength Of The Peloton

“So the churches were strengthened in their faith and grew larger every day.”

I’ve been watching the Tour de France again this year on TV each morning and I am reminded again about the power of the Peloton as the large group of riders draft off of and pull strength from each other. Those who try to go it alone rarely can continue to breakaway and if they try, they pay a price physically for doing so.  They may win one stage, but that will be it as they went it alone and paid the bigger price.  And so it is with our teamwork and people we work with.  We can go it alone, take the risk and maybe win once in a while, but in the bigger picture and longer term, we can learn to play with the team and draw the energy together to get a win for everyone.

Our faith was not meant to be a “go it alone” faith.  Jesus could have been a loner, but instead He gathered a group of disciples who together became stronger together. And then the Church was created to do the same.  If we are doing our best to follow in Christ but feel not as encouraged and strong in the Lord as we would like to be, it’s probably time to return to the “peloton” of other believers and the fellowship of others.

Reference: Acts 16:5 (New Living Translation)