day 2644: Service Day

“There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord.”

There are certain days throughout the year that we recognize the service of others.  We even have days that mark different kinds of services that we can do on that day. Companies have instituted service days and allot service hours. We like to celebrate service and we all are used to tipping for good service.  But, how often do we just think about making the serving of others part of our every day life.  How much better would our organizations be if we could regularly observe that our employees were serving each other and that the attitude of service was expected and ordinary throughout how we work?  That would be a different kind of company.  That would be a company any of us would want to work for!

Paul tells the Corinthians that there are many ways to serve and that we each have our own ways of serving, but that we are to be reminded that we do so in the service of our Lord. In our work we are not going to always have the opportunity to tell others why we have a heart for service, but in our own hearts as we serve someone at our job, we can know why we re doing so and ask God to bless that extra effort.  God has a great way of making sure that others recognize a unique, loving and serving spirit and each time we serve someone else, in His name and glory, we are making a difference for Him.  So, let’s finish strong this week by making today our own Service Day for Him.

Reference: 1 Corinthians 12:5 (New Living Translation)