day 2654: OAGs

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Do you remember, the OAG?  It was the Official Airline Guide and contained all of the active flights available for commercial airline traffic.  There was a global version which was very comprehensive and then there was a domestic version and even a condensed version that you could carry in your briefcase or purse. For those who traveled heavily or changed flights frequently, the OAG was essential.  Oh, if you haven’t figured it out, this was pre-internet. Today, it’s pretty easy to access the internet for optional flights, but in truth, it’s not that much easier than the OAG and not necessarily even more convenient than the OAG was.  I’m reminded that technology doesn’t make us any less lazy than we were before technology was given to us.  It’s a good lesson for us who chase technology for the answer to our operations or process problems.  The technology can make it better, but only if the process has been designed or improved allowing the technology to be an enabler, not the driver.  If it is the driver, then expect a lot of head-scratching as to why things didn’t get better, even after all of that time, effort and money to install the technology.

Never in history has God’s Word been more accessible.  There are predictions that the Bible will be available in every language in the world by 2033 and that might speed up as the technology gets even better.  But, because we have the Bible within keystrokes, are we in God’s Word more or about the same as when we needed to reach over for our printed Bible?  I love my printed Bible and it is all marked up, with failing binding, but it is not the form function that makes me want to read and study it or not.  God calls us to His Word to learn where we are, where can go and how we can get there.  Yes, God left His “OAG” for us in any and all forms.  We just have to want to access it.

Reference:  Psalm 119:105 (New Living Translation)