day 2448: What’s A Trillion?

“You made their descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and brought them into the land you had promised to their ancestors.”

As a kid, the biggest number I first encountered and can remember was the McDonald’s sign in Clarksville, IN. It was changed to read, “1 Billion Served”.  I do remember thinking, “How big is a billion?” And then people could become “Millionaires”. We knew this because the game Monopoly showed us what big money was about. And then real people I knew would earn, “$100,000” a year.  I thought, could it ever get any bigger than this?  Well, by the time you read this, Apple’s market cap could be the first company in history to top, “$1 Trillion” (it happens when their stock price hits $207.05) How big is a trillion? It’s big, but what is even a crazier thought is that today there is a kid out there who is thinking that a trillion has to be as large as it gets.  What will be their number 40 years from now?

God has our numbers all worked out, down to every hair on our head.  And, if He is the keeper of the numbers, then we can rest assured that what is unfathomable for us; like the number of stars in the heavens or the number of rooms prepared for us with Him, that He never loses sight of the one of us individually, no matter how big the numbers will get.

Reference:  Nehemiah 9:23 (New Living Translation)