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day 960: The Three Day Load

“Now I will take the load from your shoulders; I will free your hands from their heavy tasks.”

Getting ready for the upcoming three-day weekend  feels like you are packing work to be ready to be gone for a few days. The hard part of being “gone” (if such a thing now) is  no matter how hard you try to ensure that you have “kept up” there are those who use the long weekend day to clean out their inbox and well, there comes the work. Carrying the load and the bags of work is all part of the job. For some people that is what they do, they “carry” the bags of others. And, they usually get looked down on because that is their job. I have been in many a job where it was my responsibility to carry the bags of my bosses and I always felt that it was an important part of business and an honor. It’s kind of like the caddy for a pro golfer. Without them, a pro golfer wouldn’t get too far. They are there for knowledge, instinct, advice, counsel, nerve-calming, encouragement, and strength. I know a very high profile executive in a very high profile job right now who could use someone like this. He needs someone with him to fill in the gaps in his skill set and his intuition. Without someone to help him he has a hard time navigating certain areas. With someone by his side, he is the full picture. The problem is that he thinks he is the full equation regardless and doesn’t recognize his deficiencies. Many a person is like him and miss so many opportunities because they don’t let others carry the bags and some of the load.

As believers, we are so fortunate in that we recognize that God wants to be there for us to carry the load and do all the things that a great caddy would do. And if we really understand how it all comes together, we know that even when we make the shot, we are to give Him the credit and He gets the glory, not us. We are so many times like that executive. We want to carry all the load and we want to do it all ourselves. But God wants to carry the bag and the load for us and He wants to be the one that can call the club and the shot, all the while coaching and having great things done in His name. Today, think about what it is that you are carrying versus what you should be handing over to God. You will find that he wants us to give it over, like he tells us in Psalms 81:5-7; “Now I will take the load from your shoulders;I will free your hands from their heavy tasks.” Today, you need to shed some of the baggage and let God start carrying the load for you. If you try to hold on you will only falter under the weight that you have and the weight and tasks that is yet to come. Let God give you a hand today at work!

Psalm 81:5-7 (New Living Testament)