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day 1416: Learnings From The Camino (part 4): It Is Your Own Camino

“I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments.”

This is part 4 of a 6 part series on my learning and takeaways from my Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.  It just so happens that this post about the freedom of the Camino falls on the day before our American Independence Day celebration. As the Camino Pilgrims meet each other with the traditional greeting of “Buen Camino”, it is also often common to hear, “It is your own Camino”.  What this means is that you are to walk the Camino at your own pace, not at another’s pace, unless you so choose.  So, you don’t slow down or speed up for someone else.  It is your own Camino.  This becomes beneficial when you are covering 20 plus miles in a day.  There is a freedom in determining and being able to choose your own pace.  There are few things in life that allow us to do so and certainly in business the pace is usually determined from those at the top who have made the decision on how fast or slow the organization must move. When pace is dictated to us and then measured it becomes very personal, very fast.  When we ask someone, “When do you think you can get it done?”, do we accept that answer or do we then try and modify their pace by asking for it earlier?  We might find that if we keep the overall goal in front of everyone that we can allow some freedom in individual pacing and for the employee this can be liberating.

David covers so many great areas within the Psalms.  As he drew from his life experiences he made his words real to us.  When he wrote of “walking in freedom” he likely was not only thinking metaphorically but as a former shepherd, he may have been thinking of literally how he walked. To physically walk in freedom is great but to spiritually walk in freedom is awesome. God promises us that if we devote ourselves to Him that we will experience the freedom that can only come from Him.  Today, you might feel shackled by all sorts of things.  It might be deadlines, or pressures, or loss, or sadness, or just frustration of too much to to get done and not enough help.  Whatever those areas are that are holding you back, turn those over to Him and he will free you and let you walk forward with joy and hope.

I wish each of you a Happy Independence Day and a great long weekend of freedom!

Reference: Psalm 119:45 (New Living Translation)

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