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day 1419: True Colors

“Oh, that my actions would consistently reflect your decrees!”

The World Cup!  It’s been big this year and as we head to the finals this weekend the countries that compete will remain on the largest stage in the world. The World Cup brings out the colors of the countries from all over the world and people signify their current and ancestral allegiances with jerseys, hats, bandanas, banners, flags, etc.  We love to wear our colors and we do so everyday with our corporate logo wear and all that comes with the companies that we work with and do business.  But, there is more to our colors than this.  Our true colors come out when we are in trouble.  When there is an allegation of wrong-doing, or when their is a mistake found, or when we miss a significant goal.  It is then when companies and those around us show their true colors.  I can’t imagine working at American Apparel right now. What a mess. And we can see the true colors of their Board, their founder and their investors emerging. Let’s not fool ourselves, if we don’t work hard at ensuring that our values are strong and deeply rooted, when push comes to shove we may see colors that we just don’t like.

As believers, more than those who don’t profess a faith, we should be and are held to a higher standard of  consistency and authenticity.  Our “colors” must be the same through thick, thin, smooth and rough times! When the worst occurs if our true colors are those that are grounded in God’s Word and directions to us, then we are extending the Kingdom of God while here on earth.  If not, then we are like all the rest and our colors fade and wane as they change for the circumstance.

Reference: Psalm 119:5 (New Living Translation)

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