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day 98: Brave Patience

If there is one thing in work that is hard to master, it is patience. It’s funny, but I can’t remember anyone being singled out for their ability to have patience. It’s usually the other way around and we celebrate those with a sense of urgency and “now attitudes”. Yet, we so respect those who are patient with us and who understand that not everything can get done right now or on an unrealistic time frame. These tend to be the type of people we want to work with and for but yet they are not openly rewarded or recognized for this trait. Some things are not needed to be waited on, but other things just won’t come to us any other way. We have to wait on others for the things we cannot do ourselves or we wait on suppliers, vendors, etc. to meet their deadlines and expectations. When we do this we get used to the pace and cadence if they meet their obligations and performance standards. We are pleased and satisfied when this happens. When we look at our careers and the directions that we want to go with our work we also have to be patient and do so with assurance and courage that our future will be one that is fulfilling. While we try to have as much influence over the direction of our future we know that God has His hand over us and is moving us in the directions that He wants. We have to be patient and wait on Him. Psalm 27:14 says, “Wait patiently on the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently on the Lord”. It may well be that some of our discontent and troubles at work are because we are trying to hurry up God. Our impatience grows with our boss, our career, our progression, or even in trying to land that next job. Our impatience can then turn to worry and even fear. God is telling us just the opposite. If we wait on Him patiently, we can do so with courage and bravery for He will deliver. Can you find that calmness of waiting patiently today on the Lord? The peace that comes with patience will be strong within you and evident to others. Finding a patience in your spirit can be a powerful force in your life and into the life of others.

Reference: Psalm 27:14 (New Living Testament)