day 93: Job Worries?

Did you wake this morning worrying about whether or not the security of your job is as good as you want it to be? Are you faced this week with a situation, a report, a presentation, a sales call, or a difficult decision that has you worrying about the outcome as it relates to keeping your job or business? Let me assure you, if you are, you are far from being alone. Each week and each day we can be facing a decisive moment or situation that could affect whether or not we keep our job or lose it. I would say that it is more of an occurrence today than ever. What are we to do with ourselves on these days? Are we to hit the snooze button and roll back over and avoid the day? Are we to allow ourselves to stress, strain and worry ourselves and others into paralysis or worse? Of course not. We are to face the challenges head on without fear or worry, knowing that if we are following in the footsteps of our Lord that these issues will pass and the right things will happen. We are told this in Matthew 6:25: “That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life…” The verse goes on to tell us not to worry about many of the things that are the output of our work. Things like, food, drink and clothes. It is so clear, but so hard to practice. It is hard to have the faith to put the worries of everyday life aside and trust God that He will deliver. I have known people who have been able to do so and sometimes it seems almost ridiculous to hear how much of their lives that they turn over, but in the end they are the ones that have the faith, certainly not me who can find myself not having enough faith to even believe that they do. But, it is clear, we are to give up the worries and let God direct us. In this time of turmoil I hear of many who are seeking God for the first time as they exhaust all other possibilities. Let’s be the examples as ones who have put their worries of everyday life, work being a part of that everyday life, on the back burner and allowing others to see a peace of mind and being that truly passeth all understanding.

Reference: Matthew 6:25 (New Living Testament)

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