day 407: Through a Child’s Eyes

We have all been accused at one time or another of “bringing our work home with us”. Typically, that is in a negative connotation because we come home with real work to do that we couldn’t get done in the office, or we bring our emotional work baggage home with us and we let a stinky day affect how we relate to others who had no bearing or impact on how the day had unfolded for us. Usually others are getting the brunt of a tough day. A watch out for all of us are the children in our lives who through their impressions of how we talk and represent our work, begin to establish their own thoughts about what it must be like to “work” and have a job. Imagine if all a child hears about the job of mom or dad are the negatives and the complaints of how bad the day was or how poorly the boss treated them, or how a co-worker was lazy, etc., then a child’s impression of what it must be like to work will be negative and probably not very interesting for them in the future. Purposed worKING was created to help all of us realize our purpose in our work; to bring glory to God in all that we do. If we can’t show that at home then we probably are having an even harder time showing it at work. David cries out to God in Psalm 90:16 that our children need to see God’s glory in God’s work; “…let our children see your glory at work”. Let David’s words be direction to us as well that we need to ensure that our children can see God’s glory at work in us and our jobs so that one day they will also want to work towards the same.

Reference: Psalm 90:16 (New Living Testament)

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