day 3K207: No Interview Required

“Sin is no longer your master, for you no longer live under the requirements of the law. Instead, you live under the freedom of God’s grace.”

Patti (and Theo) and I are on a cross country roadtrip back to California.  Coming through the Southeast, which has turned into one Distribution Center after another, we saw a billboard for Amazon for the hiring of distribution center employees.  It said, “No Interview Required”.  How does that work?  Are they so in need of employees that one can just apply and then show up and go to work? I know I am supposed to think beyond the norms in today’s employment market where there are way more jobs than people, but all I can go to are the unintended consequences of hiring someone, sight unseen, and then thinking it is going to work out.  Call me old-fashioned but as long as people are working with other people in a workplace, there must be some way to assess how the working environment dynamics are going to be.

If our only way to God was through an interview of our past, we’d all be in big trouble.  Fortunately, God doesn’t need our past to be clean or pure, or for us to have never broken a commandment or to have never sinned.  Our God is graceful and all He requires is that we give ourselves to Him with all that we can muster.  Imagine that we could exhibit that same grace to those whom we work with today?  They aren’t perfect, but neither are we, so let’s see if we can extend to them what our Lord extends to us.

Reference: Romans 6:14 (New Living Translation)



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