day 34: No Boasting Allowed

There is the old adage; “Oh, what a tangled web we weave”. That line could be repeated a hundred times a day at work. Work is the easiest of places to tell the white lie, cover up an issue, fudge a number, point a false finger and worst of all take a little extra credit for something that we really didn’t do all that much, if anything. Where you hear this the most is from the subordinates who actually did the work. No one hates it more than when the boss takes the credit. The next worst is when a co-worker steps forward and takes the applause. I have always felt that when it is going right, it should be impossible to have an academy awards type of event at work where one person would get the credit for a big project or success. It is never just one person. There is always a supporting cast who should be getting the same, if not more credit. How tempted are we at work to take a little credit for things that weren’t all ours to boast about? If this is something that creeps up on you every now and then, then I encourage you to look to the Psalms in Chapter 12, Verse 3 where David talks about what he prays should happen to those who boast, about anything. He says that the Lord should cut out the tongue of a boastful person. That is pretty harsh, but you can see where he is coming from. Think how hurtful and divisive it is when someone is boastful. I know many a person who does this and no one wants to be on their team or work for them. No one wants to do anything for them as they know that they will take all the credit. When faced with the question, “who did this?”, today I would encourage you to begin with all the other people and then add your name last, that is if you actually were a part of the success that wants to be recognized. If you can become known as one who passes credit around and would be the last person in the room to boast about yourself, you will be setting a purposeful and Kingdom example.

Reference: Psalms 12:3 (New Living Testament)

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