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day 1433: The Credit Department

“God saved you by His grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.”

There is an invisible and stealth group in our companies and organizations that we never acknowledge openly, but all are hoping that they notice us.  It is the Credit Department.  “Wait”, you say, “We have a credit department and I know the people who work there.”  But, this isn’t the Credit group that collects accounts receivables, this is the secret team who allocate credit for work being done and being sure that those who are supposed to, get their due credit.  “But wait”, you say, “Whoever these people are they are horrible at their jobs, because I never get the credit I deserve”.  And so we identity the problem.  Across, through and inside of any organization there are always people who think they should be getting more credit than they are for their work completed and they look and think of this as a zero-sum game where one person getting credit is robbing another.  And yes, there are even credit thieves who spend time and energy making sure that they take credit when they shouldn’t. But, there are also those who sit between the seams and love to give and dole out credit to others.  These are the ones who should get more credit than all as they are the strongest counterbalance to other forces that can cause internal strife and conflict.

God has given each of us His gift and that gift we can’t begin to take credit for, or in fact we are missing the gift all together.  It’s a great lesson for us to carry with us into our work.  What comes of God, we can’t act as though we own or have made it happen.,  When we do, we are robbing others from seeing what God can do in their lives.  When someone sees us trying to take credit, then we are only leaving them with the sense that we depend on ourselves more than the Lord for our success and accomplishments.  I am not saying that we should walk around all day at work with “Praise the Lords” for every action, but I am saying that our attitude, spirit, and appreciation can be reflective of where credit is due and how God continues to provide.

Reference: Ephesians 2:8 (New Living Translation)