day 2836: Who Are We Building For?

“Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is wasted. Unless the Lord protects a city,
guarding it with sentries will do no good.”

The discussions about corporate values and culture are again frequent and loud.  I personally wish they were always frequent and loud, as the attention to values, principles, mission and the supporting culture should always be front and center and never subordinated.  But, we tend to think that once we’ve built out what we desire the culture to be, that we are done.  But, if anything, when we get stark reminders like what we again have now, we should learn that we should always be testing and challenging ourselves against our assumptions and actions.  For too long we have focused more on “what” culture we want to build, versus asking ourselves “who” are we building the culture for?  When we sit with that angle, then we might be able to discover the blindspots we have and possibly the large gaps that we never realized were so prevalent.  Right now is when we need to go back and do our reevaluation!

Consider that we are the architects of us and we become the general contractors of our teams and we (personally and professionally) are building companies and careers.  Then we must ask ourselves too, “who” are we building for? Are we building our lives for Him?  Are we calling upon Him to protect what we are building?  Or, are we building for the wrong reasons and leaving ourselves and what we’ve built vulnerable and in need of protection.  Here is what we know, if we truly are building for Him and all that God stands for, then the fruits of our efforts will be evident and those fruits are good, just, respectful and fair. And when we see, feel or say the opposite, then we need to step back and do our own reevaluation to be sure that are realigning to where we need to be.

Reference: Psalm 127:1 (New Living Translation)


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