day 2776: Hand Washing

“Moses and Aaron and Aaron’s sons used water from it to wash their hands and feet. Whenever they approached the altar and entered the Tabernacle, they washed themselves, just as the Lord had commanded Moses.”

Yes, hand washing…not hand wringing.  Who would have thought that your Mother was so right about the times a day we should wash our hands?  But, she was.  And now today we might have crossed into a habit that doesn’t go away once all this has passed.  But, in the meantime, while we wash our hands so many times a day, let’s also be sure that we aren’t wringing our hands with stress and worries.  Way back in college, I wrote down a thought that came to me and I have quoted myself often since; “The most productive days of our lives are those when our backs are against the wall.”  It may well be, and I suspect it will, that our greatest moments of creativity, productivity and efficiency will arise from this moment we are in.  So, keep your eyes and ears open for those opportunities and (literally and metaphorically) your hands clean.

I timed it out.  We can say the Lord’s Prayer in about 20 seconds…the same 20 seconds that the CDC recommends we spend washing our hands.  Maybe, just maybe, we have the chance to pray to our Lord for His will and our needs, at least seven times today.  The power of these prayers might be just what we need to clean up all around us!

Reference: Exodus 40:31-32 (New Living Translation)


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