day 2702: Springboards

“I cried out, “I am slipping!” but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.”

Ever notice how a stock price always goes down on the announcement of an acquisition of another company or an investment in another entity?  But, later when the acquisition or investment turns out to be something good, the analysts and shareholders applaud the decision!  Some will say that the stock falls because no investors like any dilution and that the status quo always is a better investment than the unknown and risky.  It’s the springboard effect. The springboard must go down in order to provide more thrust and height up.  By our own weight and push we take the springboard down as far as we can to go higher than we could on our own power.  So, we have to go down to go back up…think about that the next time someone criticizes or questions our decision to use the springboard effect to our advantage.

As believers who are doing our best to bring glory to God in our work, we live with the springboard beneath us. We are never perfect and there will be times of challenge to our faith and we will slip and fail, but you see, our God’s love for us is our springboard! While we feel we are falling, He is underneath us as we find our footing in Him to bring us back to even stronger and closer to Him. So, today when we go down, know that He will lift us back up!  We can be certain of that!

Reference: Psalm 94:18 (New Living Translation)

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