day 2701: Work In Progress

“Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress.

If there is one thing in business that I am sure of is that a business and the people within a business are always works in progress. There is no stasis state in a successful business. What does that mean to us? What it means is that we can approach the constant state of change and flux in two ways.  One, we can look at the ebbs and flows and the pressure that comes with change as a negative, a worry and a set of stressors on us.  That’s how many approach it.  Or, we can think about the state of change as positive parts of being a work in progress.  Declaring our businesses and ourselves as a work in progress allows us to be fallible and for others to see that we are committed to always improving.  Let’s be real.  Today, something is going to hit us that we weren’t expecting.  All will have been planned and we think we have it grooved and then, out of the blue, the curve ball comes at us.  Let’s take that challenge and today, turn it into an opportunity to make our work in progress a positive.

Is there a better Biblical example of a work in progress than Peter?  I was reflecting on where he came from developing into a right hand disciple of Jesus, then to falter in such a big way.  But, to watch him as a work in progress to get to where he did in his later life and how he still stands today for us as an example and role model to follow, is just amazing. Peter shows us that our Lord loves that we are a work in progress.  God never gave up on Peter, even after Peter turned his back and denied having even known and followed Jesus.  Today, be assured that God’s grace, mercy and love is Him letting us be His work in progress.

Reference:  1 Timothy 4:15 (New Living Translation)

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