day 2663: Grit and G.R.I.T.

“You also must be ready all the time, for the Son of Man will come when least expected.”

Grit has become more and more a term used to point towards an indescribable characteristic in a person who seems to always get the job done, is prepared to tackle whatever is thrown their way, who perseveres through thick and thin, who goes at whatever they are given with an attitude of the possible and achievement. I could go on and on, but I guess Grit is something we know when we see it.  I also have observed that those who I think have Grit are always on the ready.  The don’t miss a beat and they seem to always be on the starting line. So for me, Grit might stand for something.   It may well be that to have Grit means, G.R.I.T. – “Get Ready….It’s Time”.  What an awesome attitude to have…always getting ready because I know that it is time.  Time for what?  It doesn’t matter as I’ll know it when I see it, but regardless, I will never not be ready.  Being known for having G.R.I.T. is easier said than done.  And it is easier, as most things are, if we are acquiring and practicing our G.R.I.T. with others who share the same dedication.  So, if you we are wondering today on how to get and keep more G.R.I.T. in ourselves, one way to do so would be to find that person you know who already demonstrates such and say, “Hey, let’s stay ready together”.

These past months of reflecting on how best to spend one’s time (catalyzed a lot by the accident that Patti’s brother had – thank you for your prayers as he is better every day – now walking with a rolling “walker” and climbing three stairs during rehab, on his way back to full recovery we believe) has made me think more and more about G.R.I.T.  What am I getting ready for and it is without question, it is time to be ready.  I know I am not alone in this questioning.  What God’s Word reveals to us is that our time is numbered and that we are to keep our focus on the eternal.  That doesn’t mean that we are to hermit ourselves and just wait it out until we move to our eternal lives. But, the efforts between now and then has to be about strengthening our G.R.I.T. so that when the time does come, we are more than ready with such wonderful anticipation for “well done”.

Reference: Matthew 24:44 (New Living Translation)

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