day 2662: Coming Attractions

“For in just a little while, the Coming One will come and not delay.”

Sometimes I think we like the coming attractions and the anticipation of something more than the actual event itself.  Why is this?  Maybe because we are just curious as part of our human nature and we like to look for those things that we haven’t seen or done before.  Or maybe, it is that we are impatient and never satisfied with where we are, so when the “new” or the “coming” is out in front of us, we get more excited with that than with the present. The stock market feels this way doesn’t it?  We get hyped up over a coming IPO.  We may, or may have not (more than likely have not) read all of the supporting financial materials, but because everyone seems to be watching all at once, we get caught up into what will happen with the stock, who will buy it at what offering price and how high will it close on it’s first day of training?  And so, we have been swept up in the coming attractions.  Here’s the kicker and we all know it; the coming attractions are seldom as good as the final product. It’s worth remembering that the next time we tease out a new product, new service launch or an upcoming event or release that the expectations are higher than what we may be able to deliver.

There is only one coming attraction that will be so much better that anything we can imagine.  That coming attraction has been predicted, talked about, and described in both the Old and New Testament.  We are waiting but no one knows the release date, but still we should be excited, hopeful and beyond positive that in this case, the coming attractions can’t even begin to describe the glory of the real thing.

Reference: Hebrews 10:37 (New Living Translation)

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