day 2593: What’s In A Name?

“You can ask for anything in my name, and I will do it, so that the Son can bring glory to the Father.”

We see and hear company names everyday and think nothing of them unless we recognize a name of someone we knew like a Ford or a Herman Miller.  But, there are many names that are our there that we don’t have a clue as to who came up with it, or why.  You may know this one, but I didn’t. IKEA.  We all know the store as a big box retailer that has become the darling for those with smaller dwellings and right now is the world’s largest furniture retailer.  But, do you know what IKEA stands for?  “The company’s name is an acronym that consists of the initials of Ingvar Kamprad (name of founder), Elmtaryd (the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd (his hometown in Småland, southern Sweden).” So, there is something in a name. 

What’s in the name that we believe in, claim and live by?  A lot! We are promised much in the name of Jesus. And best of all, when we call upon His name, we can believe that the request will be answered. As we start this week, what is in front of us that we will need to call upon the name of Jesus?

Reference:  John 14:13 (New Living Translation)

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