day 2592: More Confidence

“So do not throw away this confident trust in the Lord. Remember the great reward it brings you!”

Yesterday, I wrote about having a confidence monitor.  One place we really need a confidence boost is when we interview for a job. Dr. David Austern’s research from New York University says that 92% of adults experience job interview anxiety.  If that didn’t register, that’s a really, really high number, which means just about everyone. The last time I interviewed for a job it was in front of a hiring/search committee and it was over a dozen people who threw questions at me for a couple of hours. Not knowing what was coming next was frightening in itself, but the insecurity and identity challenge that comes with a job interview can be overwhelming.  When we are on the asking side of the questions, let’s remember that on the other side of the desk someone so wants to be there at that moment, but feels so, so insecure.

We are thrown into situations everyday where our confidence is called into question.  But, that questioning is only by us, not by anyone else and if God spoke to us right then or now, He would tell us that our doubt of confidence does not come from Him.  He wants us to be as confident and as He is in us, which is really, all we need.  So, today let’s go into the world, with all of His confidence with us.

Reference: Hebrews 10:35 (New Living Translation)

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