day 2427: A Long Ride

“Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Patti and I just completed a 13 day drive across the USA; from California to Rhode Island. We took the Southern route, following the border and then up through the southeast to New England. We had a great time and were in some interesting places in these interesting times we live.  And now we are where we wanted to be, safely, but oddly as exhausted as if we had flown around the world in a couple of days. I’ve long believed that any long trip, regardless of the form of transportation wears us out, just by the nature of crossing miles.  Might it have something to do with the earth spinning, gravity pulling, and us moving unnaturally faster than our bodies were built to move? Maybe, but maybe not. What I do know is that whatever long trip we take, literally or metaphorically (like long projects, stretches of time focused on something, etc.) we wear down and we need time to recharge. Ignoring that is to put ourselves in harm’s way for it is when we are tired that we make mistakes, get distracted, allow our judgement to be clouded and miss cues, signs or warnings.

Our life is a series of trips inside of a long journey. We need rest along the way if we are to finish strong and finish well.  That rest not only comes from the physical downtime we need, but also from the rest and renewal that can only come from God. When we are at our lowest point in the tank, start with a fill-up of Bible, prayer and fellowship time.  The resting of our soul in Him is what will allow us to keep the journey moving forward.

Also, thank you for your patience while I took a little break while driving.

Reference: Matthew 11:28 (New Living Translation)

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