day 1387: Band On The Run

“He said to his disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”

We’ve seen mice run on wheels in a cage or a laboratory, but it wasn’t until a couple of guys doing research in the Netherlands figured out that if you put a wheel out in the wild and mice have a chance to either run around on their own or jump on a wheel and run, that they like to get on the wheel and then run.  Proving what?  Proving that they just like to run.  So, maybe there are things that we all, when given our own choices, we just do. Like work!  If when we have free time we choose to work and when we have enough money saved, we don’t retire, we just keep on working, then it’s not that far from putting the wheel in the forest and watching the mice run on it.  So, what would our company be like if we could identify and hire those who just love to work? Might we be able to create a band of workers who just love to run, I mean work?

In the Kingdom of God the workers are few. We are called to continuously be working to expand the Kingdom and spread God’s message.  This is work that is our love!  God has put us in a workplace.  We are now to do what is the true work to be done!

Reference:  Matthew 9:37 (New Living Translation)

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