day 1351: April Fooling Around

“Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, and their actions are evil; not one of them does good!”

The internet has become the place for fooling around on April 1st.  I don’t remember when this started, but its not been that long ago.  Today, everywhere you go you will read announcements about companies that have made ridiculous acquisitions, mergers, etc.  I’ve already read this morning of Facebook’s purchase of Nintendo (but Nintendo held back Pokemon) and Apple’s purchase of Beats (streaming, not the headphones – the dead give away that it was an April Fool’s joke).  What’s funny is that if today’s announcement was about Facebook buying WhatsApp! for $19B, we might have all got a good chuckle.  Just because it’s not April Fool’s Day, doesn’t mean we don’t make silly moves in business that we later wish we could explain away as a joke.  We might all be better if we filtered our moves through the lens of April Fool’s Day and consider how would it read if being announced on April 1?

How foolish it is of us to question where is God?  But, we do it daily when we lean to our own abilities and capability and ignore that we are to give these things to Him.  When we have to make that big decision do we turn to Him to help us make it?  When we know we have that difficult conversation coming, is part of our preparation asking God to give us the wisdom, calm and words to handle the conversation correctly?  When the pay raise comes are we tithing first and giving Him thanks first?  There are times that we can find ourselves acting foolish as we go about our work.  Let’s take today, and ironically, not make it a day of being foolish, but instead, make it a day of serious rededicating of our ourselves to our Lord and bringing him glory in all that we do!

Reference: Psalm 14:1 (New Living Translation)

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