day 3K282: What’s Next?

“In His grace, God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well…”

I get asked to do a fair amount of career “counseling”.  It’s not really counseling as much as it is advice and passing along my own experience.  I am faced with the quandary of others as they are questioning what  they should do next.  It’s not always big career-changing question, it is also inside of existing businesses where people are curious, doubting, or confused about what their next job should be.  Surprisingly, there are many who even wonder what their next assignment within their current job should be.  I have found that much of this boils down to the feelings of control, self-esteem and value.  When an employee has confidence and feels valued, there is a certain boldness and willingness to step forward and try new things without over-worrying the situation.  But, when the feelings are the opposite, there is a paralysis that settles in that can carry over into a general concern about what is next, small and big.

I heard a Pastor tell the story of when he was first approached to consider becoming a Minister.  He was a teenager and his church the Pastor at the time had asked him to consider the profession.  The then young man, said he didn’t really know what he was supposed to do with his life. The older Pastor said to him, “If you saw a city full of shoeless people, might you not consider becoming a cobbler?”  There is no question that we are to work to expand God’s Kingdom and we don’t have to look further than in Romans Chapter 12 so that we don’t need to ask, “What should I do next?”, when it comes to God’s desires for us.

Reference: Romans 12:6 (New Living Translation)