day 3K32: Time To Experiment?

“How foolish can you be? After starting your new lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort?”

I read in an article that now is the time to experiment with how we work.  We can get there, as the article pointed out by having managers ask: “What did you long for when we couldn’t physically meet? What did you not miss and are ready to discard? What forms of meeting did you invent in the pandemic out of necessity that, surprisingly, worked? What might we experiment with now?”  These are great questions to get us into experimentation mode  and potentially opening up new ideas and how we can relate to our work and jobs. If necessity is the mother of invention then now is the perfect time to start inventing the news ways that keep us all engaged and excited to be working!

What I find is that while we are experimenting with new jobs, new working relationships, new projects, etc. we also can try and experiment with how we might, through our own human efforts do it our way, versus God’s way.  It should be very evident to all of us that to try and experiment to change how God wants our relationship to be with Him just won’t work.  We are so blessed to have the same God today and tomorrow as we did yesterday and what we can do is strive to become closer and closer in our walk with Him. If we want to experiment with ways to draw closer to Him, then that is what he wants us to try and do.

Reference: Galatians 3:3 (New Living Translation)