day 2960: Assuring Square

“I will take the measuring line of justice and the plumb line of righteousness to check the foundation wall you have built”

One of the most critical jobs of a builder is assuring that the foundation is square.  That is, that every angle and plane is both perfect and level.  For when the foundation is “off”, by even a little, then all the rest of the structure will be suspect, not as strong for what might come and never right.  The same is true for organizations and systems that we build.  If at the foundation we aren’t square in all that we do, then we can’t be surprised if later we encounter problems that can only be fixed by starting over or in need of costly repair and reconstruction.  We each get chances to build something from the ground up whether it be a company, or a department, or a project, or a deal, or a team or a presentation.  Making sure that we are square in all that we do, from the beginning, is our best bet to being able to withstand whatever will come.

God wasn’t fooling around with what He said would happen to the city of Samaria.  He was giving full warning through the prophet Isaiah.  When He delivers the verse above, He couldn’t be any clearer to all of us.  What we are building throughout our lives matters.  He has put us on notice that the “line of justice” and the “plumb line of righteousness” are our measuring devices as we make our decisions of what our next actions will be.  If we are indeed building a lifetime of glory for Him, which we are, then we need to do our very best to be square and square up with God in all that we do.

Reference:  Isaiah 28:17 (New Living Translation)