day 2906: Happy National Day of Service

“The list included all the men between thirty and fifty years of age who were eligible for service in the Tabernacle…”

Today here in the U.S. is Martin Luther King Day and a holiday for most of us. It is also been designated a National Day of Service. Some companies are great at banding together to find a way to do service in their community.  Some of the best times that are remembered are when we who spend 8, 10, or 12 hours a day working with each other and then get out of the office (or off of Zoom) and work to make the community better.  Companies who don’t do this are really missing out on the chance to deepen relationships and bonds that make the company and teams stronger. We have to remember that people don’t work for companies, they work for people and if we want to attract and retain the best of the best that we need to remember that finding those opportunities to bring people together for a bigger good is a strong attraction and retention tool.

The Bible is full of examples of those who served, and of course Jesus taught us how to give of ourselves and be a servant leader.  Going all the way back to the choice of those who could serve in the Tabernacle we can see that God counted and knew those who could and would serve Him and others. Serving in our churches are also part of our Christian growth.  Finding those opportunities to give of our time and talents to help others develop and grow is part of of how we should serve.  As we think about how we bring glory to God in our work and jobs, let’s open our eyes and hearts to the points where we can be of service and develop a true sensitivity, willingness and readiness to step up and forward when the opportunity to serve arises. This just another way that we can be counted on to reflect the heart of our Lord.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and National Service Day.

Reference: Numbers 4:43 (New Living Translation)