day 2901: You’re On Mute

“Be still, and know that I am God”

Before the pandemic, I’d guess that the percentage of people who had ever told another person they were “on mute” was slim to none.  But today, with Zoom and videoconferencing being the thing, everyone hears it, says it and does it. It’s really interesting isn’t it how something that was foreign to us can become so everyday, so quickly. It’s why we must adapt to be able to adopt and at the same time, not lose what we are and who we want to be.  In a time of unprecedented ambiguity and uncertainty about the future, adapting and adopting becomes a survival skill.

Yes, we must adapt and adopt, and God is always putting new things in front of us and into our lives. But, we are challenged to know what is good and right for us and what things we should ignore, reject or resist.  We have to listen for God’s direction and to do that we need to find quiet and stillness to hear Him.  Basically, to let God speak, we have to put ourselves on mute.

Reference: Psalm 46:10 (New Living Translation)