day 2914: Virtual Reality

“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith…”

We haven’t recently heard much about the rise of Virtual Reality, but it is rising.  The price of high quality, comfortable VR Headsets gets more affordable every day.  The 5G network is expanding, now bringing enough bandwidth into a home to run VR applications at the same time we watch Netflix in the other room without lag or drop off. Developers of games, experiences and vocational tools are stealthily working away creating what they hope will be the “killer app” that brings VR into the mainstream.  VR still stands at the fork in the road of consumer adoption, but with each passing day it come closer to moving in the direction of the iwatch versus the Segway.  Both are quirky, human factor engineering dependent technological marvels.  One, has a large swath of the population not at all concerned today about looking nerdy and staring at their wrists and even talking into it.  The other, the Segway, finally stopped production and will find itself, if it isn’t already, displayed at The Smithsonian.  VR will take hold, it’s just a matter of time and how.  But someday, you might find me sitting in a chair next to you (dressed better and not as grumpy as Bernie Sanders and his mittens) talking to you about Purposed worKING for the day.  Or maybe not. 🙂

We know from Hebrews that we are surrounded by a crowd of witnesses.  To the angels, witnesses and whomever God has watching over us, it’s all VR to them. I am sure of and believe that this group could, and sometimes do, reach in and physically make themselves known, but for the most part, they move around us, through us and within us to watch over and remind us that our faith has come before us and will last beyond us.  A question for today – how differently would we approach today’s work, conversations, Zoom calls, downtime if we could see one of the witnesses sitting right next to us watching our every move?  Would that virtually change our reality? I think it would and should.

Reference: Hebrews 12:1 (New Living Translation)