day 2772: Steady And Sure

“Put your hope in the Lord. Travel steadily along his path.”

Somethings we just can’t make go faster.  If you are involved in the agricultural or healthcare industries you are all too aware that making something grow faster or expecting an injury to heal more quickly is limited by God’s forces. And so is anything we do.  If we could all be bigger, better, faster all at once it would be great, but it doesn’t work that way.  We are entering another of those wait and let time take its’ course phases.  As I write this, where I live was just put on a “Shelter in Place” notice, which basically means we are home until April the 7th.  These are unprecedented times and actions of our lifetime. We know there are significant ramifications coming to our economy and thus to our livelihoods and businesses. But, we can’t make it all go away tomorrow so we have to be sure and steady as we go.  If we take that approach, it might well be behind us before we know it.

God has this! When in times of anxiety, fear, failure, depression or oppression, God’s Word in the Psalms can be very reassuring.  We are to travel steadily along His path.  That’s right, sure and steady because God has this!

Departure from the norm: I was out running yesterday morning and trying to bring some personal levity to the situation at hand and was reminded that God gives us some material to work with too.  So, without being too sacrilegious, we need only look to Moses for why we should be social distancing.

He told us:

Thou shalt not Covid thy neighbor….” 

Okay, you can use that one today to bring a smile or two out.  Have a blessed and purposed day for His glory!

Reference: Psalm 37:34 (New Living Translation)