day 2671: Love Before Love

“A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Ever notice how after we get our annual review or 360 degree feedback there is much good in the reviews that we should sit back and bask for a moment or two, but instead there is that one bad comment and all we do is fixate on that and we forget all of the good stuff?  Why do we do that?  Maybe because our self-confidence isn’t what we think, or maybe we just don’t really love ourselves enough to withstand that someone else might not like us, or all of what we do.  To be confident, we need to have confidence in ourselves.  To put forward ourselves and our businesses, we need to be sure that we are more than passionate with who we are!

Wow, if we don’t love ourselves, it is going to be really hard to show any love to our neighbors that they will like. Yes, we have to love ourselves first.  That does not mean we are selfish, arrogant, prideful, etc.  What it means is that we know who we are, we work to get better and we depend on the grace and mercy of our Lord to pick us up from our missteps and faults, so that we can love on others because we are loved and yes, because we have found a love for ourselves.

Reference: Matthew 22:39 (New Living Translation)