day 2668: The Big Give

“Give to those who ask…”

There are more and more industries being built around the giving away of stuff.  It was not that long ago when the three R’s became a part of how we live.  “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” are all a part of us and we can expect to see more and more places to not only recycle but to reuse what can be reused versus thrown away.  What will happen when one day we actually do reuse more than we use? That means we will not only give away clothes but actually gravitate towards buying used from others or renting.  If you think I am off base, or thinking too far ahead, well consider that Le Tote, the clothing rental company last week bought the Lord & Taylor brand and stores from Hudson Bay for a mere $110MM dollars.  Lord & Taylor at one time was a premium shopping brand and experience, only to soon be owned by a clothing rental company, who could afford a $110MM purchase.  We are into a new time and the three R’s will be more and more prevalent and accepted.  Get ready to do more and more giving away and accepting more and more that which was given by someone else.

What is the one thing we can give away that really makes a difference?  That is the giving away of ourselves.  Sure, it is a lot easier in life, with way less hassle, to just keep to ourselves, but that is not what our faith teaches us.  We are to give to others and at work how we do that is in how we give of our advice, support, time and knowledge.  If we want to model the giving of Himself that our Lord did for us, then we have to consider that we are being asked to give of ourselves to others everyday, in a big way!

Reference: Matthew 5:42 (New Living Translation)