day 2655: Stop The Complaining, Already!

Do everything without complaining…”

Ever notice what it feels like to hang around someone who is a complainer? It brings us down, doesn’t it? Also, notice how easy it is to take that feeling and instead of fighting back, just go along with the flow and join the complaining?  Guess what, over time if we join in with the complainers, we become the complainers and we become the ones dragging everybody else down.

If not complaining was easy, then Paul wouldn’t have had to write the letter to the Philippians (and to us) to remind us that complaining is not a way of the Lord.  There is another side to this verse….it ends with if we aren’t complainers, then “no one can criticize you.”  If for nothing else if we don’t like criticism, then remove complaining from the way we work and live can help.

Reference: Philippians 2:14 (New Living Translation)