day 2414: TLTR

“Look to God’s instructions and teachings! People who contradict his word are completely in the dark.”

“TLTR”.  I see it more and more.  It means, “Too Long To Read”.  Imagine that is the response to an email or a letter being sent.  Pretty off-putting, yes?  But, don’t be surprised as it is becoming more and more accepted to just tell the sender of a communication that you aren’t going to read it, because you perceive it too long to read.  I’ve had it happen to me and it’s not a great feeling.  We have to adapt and it’s hard to be given this level of blunt of feedback.  Sadly though, we have to accept that all the signals around us are shaping a new generation.

The Bible is long, but only if we look at it that way. For those who live with TLTR as their mantra, sorry,  God knew you were coming and divided His Word into the shortest of measures, a verse.  A verse today, can change the course of your tomorrow!

Reference: Isaiah 8:20 (New Living Translation)