day 2410: Wise Advice

“To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice…”

This past weekend, the Ford Motor Company announced that they will no longer manufacture passenger cars but instead focus (a word that they will have a hard time using in the future since the Ford Focus has been of one of their best-selling cars of all time) on SUVs, Trucks and Crossover vehicles.  This announcement drew out all of the pundits.  Some called it the end of Ford.  Others called it “brilliant” and them seeing further into the future than other car manufacturers. Regardless, we can rest assured that this decision didn’t come lightly.  A group of people had to have completed a strategic analysis and a strategic plan for the future and determined that this was the best course forward.  There are never any guarantees that we will be right in our moves towards the future, but if we surround ourselves with smart people, disciplined evaluation process and thinking, and as much wisdom from those who have seen the past but are still current, then we are doing all that we can do.

Paul was talking to the church of Corinth when he described the spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to people. We don’t get to choose and we don’t all get one, or at least that is the way I read the scriptures (remember, I never claim to be Bible scholar), but I recognize that Paul wouldn’t have described these gifts if they weren’t available for those who are seeking the Holy Spirit to lead their lives.  What this means for us is that among us, there is someone who is gifted to give wise advice, which last I looked we all need lots of that. So, let’s not think we have to go it alone.  When we are in search of direction and decision,  let’s be sure we seek out those who can give Godly wise advice.  They have a gift they’ve been given to share.

Reference: 1 Corinthians 12:28 (New Living Translation)