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day 2135: Vine

“I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener”

This week Twitter announced that they are shutting down their 6 second video service, Vine.  Vine was supposed to be the product innovation that would breakout Twitter from the rest of the crowd.  It didn’t work.  At nearly the same time they offered their live service, Periscope, and confused us all with whether we were supposed to do something for only 6 seconds or start something that could go continuously.  Regardless, Vine was dead on the vine and once again proving that in Silicon Valley, pioneers mostly get the arrows and the settlers that follow usually get the ranch and farm.

What was odd about the name and product of Vine is that the creators didn’t understand that a true vine is about growth and the bearing of fruit, not being cut short or stunted from the growth that it so desires.  That is why I think Jesus uses the metaphor of the vine so many times and even for Himself in God’s Kingdom.  And if He is the vine, we are to bear and be His fruit in all that we do.  And, no, we are not to be like the Twitter Vine product where we are just the same over and over in an endless loop.  God wants us to extend ourselves as part of His vine into all the growth that we can possibly ever obtain.  Consider this today when you feel that you  might not be growing. When we go back to Him, we can’t help but do so.

Reference: John 15:1 (New Living Translation)