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day 2003: Unstoppable

“Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

Many times when we use the term “unstoppable” we will conjure up the vision of a runaway train or tractor trailer that become unstoppable.  But, we also hear that term in sports when someone like Stephen Curry takes the floor, or a running back in football gets going.  And, whether we say it or not, what we would like to have happen is that our businesses become unstoppable in growth. We should aspire to be unstoppable, knowing that nothing is truly ever unstoppable.

Well, then again, yes there is something that is unstoppable and that is God’s love.  We can always count on His love and we don’t have to think twice that it will ever stop.  And we just don’t have to question whether or not it keeps coming.  It is just there for us to step in front of and accept.

Reference:  John 13:35 (New Living Translation)