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day 2011: Create-Curate-Present

“A second is equally important: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

While at The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC this weekend I listened to an Artistic Director lay out, very simply and clearly, the three distinct approaches of an arts institution.  And these are very applicable to much that any of us do in business.  We can “create”.  That is that we are responsible for something from idea to completion.  It is ours to creatively live and die by.  Or, we can “curate”.  That is is to take the creation of someone else and then add to it to bring more into context or timeliness.  And finally, there is what we “present”.  Presenting is using our platform, our store, our delivery system to take to the consumer what is ready to go and our marketing and selling is what makes it better.  And all three are as important as each individually.  We have each area inside of our companies and organizations.  Knowing the difference and being able to focus on strengthening each can make us more competitive.

Each day we create, curate and present God’s message and make the choices of how we do so for Him. We are His creation.  Our lives, our choices, our words, our reputations are the curating of His message.  And each and every moment we can present God’s love to others.  As I write this, I am sitting in Washington, DC and all around us (here and where you are) we are struggling to understand what is happening in our society and what we should do.  Jesus told us as He made us the curator and presenter of His love.  We are to love our neighbors and that is what I feel I must do today in response to all the attacks and hatred.  So, as we walk into the office and are confronted by whatever, let’s remember that God’s love is what can defeat all other forces.  May we today live up to what He expects of us as His creation; curate positively our lives to others; and present His message in a way that provides hope and optimism through His love.

Reference:  Matthew 22:39 (New Living Translation)