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day 1420: How Should I Let Him Know?

“Then when you call, the Lord will answer. ‘Yes, I am here,’ He will quickly reply.”

The question was posed to me, “How should I let him know?”.  The reason I was being asked was because it was bad news to be delivered and my friend needed advice.  His inclination was to send an email, take out the “shock”, let the news sink in, and then follow up with the person with a phone call.  I had to respectfully disagree and encourage my friend to find the courage and the time to call and explain the problem and “talk it out”.  I am sure there are a hundred reasons that we all can find to justify the email or the text first and the call later, but when a situation has reached the extremes; really bad or really good, there is no substitute for a personal reach out first.  In business we have gotten lazy with our communication.  We will sit down the hall from someone and email or text them instead of getting up and talking to them face-to-face.  We will text back and forth ten times to say what could be said in one sentence over the phone. I am guilty of all the above, but I know that when in the extremes that we can’t ignore voice-to-voice communication.

Oh to have a voice-to-voice conversation with God!  How cool will that be?  (Notice I say, “will” as we will get that opportunity). Until then we have to listen closely to what God says to us through His Word, prayer and others.  We do have the assurance that God is answering us with, “Yes, I am here”, at all times that we ask.  In our spiritual journeys we tend to try and short-cut our communication with God and if we could send a text or drop an email, we probably would.  God wants us to be active and engaged with Him and calls us continuously to interact with Him. We can bring all things life, work, relationships, pains, sicknesses and joys to Him at anytime and He will be there.  How well we communicate with God is all up to us!

Reference:  Isaiah 65:24 (New Living Translation)

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